Gong Hei Xi Cai! Happy New Year! Welcome to the year of the Brown Yang Earth Dog!


While technically the year of the Dog began on the 4th of February, the Astrological New Year is today! (Lunar calendars. It’s complicated). We are leaving (finally) the year of the Red Fire Rooster (or Phoenix) year. There was supposed to be a rising from the ashes… but I’m not sure that many of us felt it. Now we enter a year that can be summed up as the year of the Mountain Dog.


The short SHORT version of the meaning of this year is that it is very VERY earthy. Brown is earth, Dog is earth, Yang means dry earth, and well. Earth is earth. This means that any activity that falls under the element of earth will be really strong this year. So what are earth related activities? Finances (don’t get too excited yet), working hard (yes, again), the land, saving up, real estate, agriculture, family, meditation, spiritual groundedness, and learning balance to name a few. This much earthiness can also mean stability, or slowness, stubbornness, laziness or being overly conservative. It is like giving a table 8 legs.


Several of the guides I consulted called this year “Mountains beyond mountains”. When they say “mountains”, they mean obstacles, and in specific earthy ones (relating to those things I mentioned above). “Mountains beyond mountains” is like an obstacle course: things blocking our way that we can either work like crazy to climb over to get to the top, or save our energies to navigate a way between. Either way, it will take effort to get through it. Some folk (especially those of the earthier signs) will find that easier than others. For those who can make it to the top, it will be a great success leaving the rest who take safer routes looking up at those who will be ‘on top of the world’ with envy.


The good news is that 2018 should be a good year for finances, either to save up, or to grow your business. BUT. There is a catch. It will be especially great for big companies (the ‘mountains’ of the finance world) who are already at the top to begin with. That said, they can’t get there without support, and will need to take better care of those beneath them.


In terms of specific timing, the recommendation is to work toward a strong fall harvest. October is the month of the dog (ish) and that is when the fruits of our labour will be ready for the harvest. However, if we’ve embraced the lazy dog attitude and don’t collect our earnings fast enough, those fruits will rot on the vine.


If you were born in the year of the dog, this is NOT your lucky year. Your birth year is always seen as a time of trials, and when you should be most cautious. General advice is to always wear red, and to just be prudent with your actions this year.


Those born in the year of the Rabbit will have the most luck this year, followed by those who are either tigers or horses. Dragons have the short end of the stick and should also play it safe this year.