Gong Hei Fat Choi!
We are finally out of the chaotic year of the red fire Monkey, and entering into the year of the red fire Rooster. Because it is a yin Rooster, some will call it a Chicken, and others will call it a Phoenix. For the purposes of symbolism of what this year will bring, the Red Fire Phoenix is a pretty accurate symbol.
Much like the cycle of the Phoenix in legends, this is a year to rise from the ashes of all the defeats in the year of the Monkey and to be re-born and re-energized. Unlike the fluid transition of the Phoenix, however, this takes a lot of hard work. Fire Rooster years are often typified by needing a lot of diligent effort in the first half of the year to reap the rewards of the successes and brilliance of the second half of the year.
Keep this in mind – to be reborn this year we still need to put our collective heads down and work hard to create the change we desire in our lives. This requires diligence, responsibility, and looking out for the people around us. It is a time to be frugal and practical, rather than taking risks. It is suggested to do less, but to do those things thoroughly and to see them through to completion and perfection, instead of spreading yourself too thinly.
Rooster years are good times for things like making commitments as well, and to remember who you are at your core. Fire years are time to consider what inspires and ignites our inspirations, and to work hard to get toward those goals. It is often a time for great spiritual growth, too. Red years are said to bring great energy, and enthusiasm for projects, too. Together, Red Fire Rooster (Phoenix!) is a year of intense work, inspired by passion, and ultimately bringing great rewards and insight.
Rooster is also thought of as a time of leaders and heroes. Roosters have their own crowns after all, (the combs on their heads), and like to crow dramatically to inspire the hens in the yard. They can be chivalrous, brave, and willing to fight for what they want. Don’t be fooled by this being a female, or ‘Chicken’ year: This means that the most notable leaders that will emerge this year are likely to be women, and because of the symbolism of Phoenix, those who are transforming and being reborn will experience the most call to action of us all. Remember though: hard work and practicality will win the day in this year, even among our leaders.
Things favored this year: joint-ventures, family ties, community, solidarity, courage, new partnerships, diplomacy, contracts, practicality, and deepening friendships. Things to avoid: ego, frivolous spending, leaping before looking, resisting change, and taking unnecessary risks.
Most of all, we can take heart that in the midst of these dark times, Rooster crows the coming of the light: we’ve endured, now let us rise like the Phoenix.