Gong Hei Fat Choi!

The new moon on February 19th kicks off the Chinese New Year as well as the Tibetan New Year celebration of Losar, both of which herald the astrological year of the Green Wood Sheep.

“Green” is about luck and prosperous as well as creative strength. The Wood Sheep brings a feminine Yin energy of togetherness which strengthens relations and inspires community-building as collective/group consciousness comes to the fore. All acts of kindness, cooperation, healing and creativity are encouraged.

The Year of the Sheep follows the rather tumultuous Year of the Horse (2014), and heralds a more calm atmosphere. If last year was the Horse’s year to gallop and take off, this year will be the year for contemplating and appreciating what has already been accomplished, to think about bringing goodness to others, to take a deep breath and calmly look at what’s ahead. A steady path, generosity, and keeping the peace should be your mantra this year.