2016 was a hellish trial for you (and for many/most others). You want to know what 2017 has in store for you. Come to our Divine-In Fundraiser and sit with one of our students or teachers to find out.

Readings are $20 for 15minutes.
Tea and coffee will be available ($1 per cup, please bring your own cup).
Spiritual Counseling $60 per hour.

What kinds of readings are available? Tarot, Palmistry, Tea Leaf Reading (Tasseomancy), Runes, Lithomancy (divination with gemstones), Aura Reading, Geomancy, Astrology, Soul Mapping, Numerology.

Quality tea and a selection of treats will be available throughout the day if you would like to just sit and relax in this wonderful atmosphere. If you just want to sit with one of our counselors and talk, that too is available. Ask for guidance along your path. What steps do you need to take, let go of the negativity of 2016, gain inner strength for 2017.